Thursday, 5 February 2009

Yesterday !!

Well now if you are drinking tea put it down or it could end up all over the screen !!
I decided to do this as a list
  1. over slept
  2. missed train
  3. caught later train .. yay things are looking up !!
  4. spoke to soon ... first shop find 2 massive bargains get to desk to pay , priced up wrong no longer a bargain mmmm !
  5. next shop ... not paying that for a notebook toddle off to paperchase even more expensive !
  6. stomp all the way around Manchester looking for a shop that is no longer there !
  7. why are there no flipping toilets anywhere !!
  8. got lost
  9. found a loo yay closed for cleaning !
  10. ended up back where we had started
  11. hungry tired thirsty and still needing a wee !
  12. bought buttons didnt want buttons but needed them !
  13. Found Charlie and Lola wellies for Kitty later found out they are tooooo big !
  14. go for train and yep you guessed it they had changed the times
  15. sat on cold station for 40 mins
  16. got on train yes finally going home
  17. first stop train broke ok enough now please no more
  18. had to get 2 buses to get home oh did i mention it was now 4.05
  19. so while doing this had to panic and find someone to pick up the kidlets
  20. collected kids for SIL's house
  21. got home yes at last home sweet home
  22. laptop not working properly
  23. lost at football
  24. and just to finish off what was a totally crap day i managed to dislocate my toes
  25. thank goodness for Galaxy x
so yes next time we have no power oh did i mention that our power was off yesterday hence the lovely day out to Manchester ,
i am sitting at home reading in front of the fire with the cat !!


karen said...

oh dear hunni what a s**t day. I hope you have a better one today.

Jackie said...

Oh Sara - that does sound like a bad kind of day :o( I'm sure today will be much better :O)

Flossie and Tom said...

You stay snuggled up with the cat - surely nothing can go wrong with that..........

Heres hoping you have a better day


Chrisy said...

lordy...i felt stressed just reading about it! awful for's got to improve hasn't it!

nimblejacks said...

what a day!!! All I did was crick my neck, I feel like a fraud now:D hope you've defrosted by now and poor old toes xxx

Pipany said...

Hi Sara. What a crappy couple of days. Hope the toes are better now. Missed your wool hoo. Am knitting like a mad thing at the expense of my sewing. Oops xx

Jude said...

Yuk, you poor thing, hope things are better now.....

Andrea said...

You can kind of see why more and more people shop on line cant you?!! I dont very often go into town as it really does do my head in and parking isn't cheap either! Hope it gets better for you! Andrea x

Melanie said...

That was definately a rotten day. Hope your day today is better

Pink Stitches said...

Oh blimey! Sounds like you had a fun and eventful day!! :o)

Josie-Mary said...

What a rubbish day... stay at home with your cat, it's safer! Hope your toes are feeling better :)

The sewing room said...

Dont you just hate days where nothing goes right had a few of them my self lately,l hope things are better for you now.
Best wishes Pat.

Hannah said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad day.
I hope you toes heal quickly, this is not the best weather to be hobbling :( xxx