Sunday, 22 February 2009


The last day off the holidays and yet again it is dark and horrible !

I woke early this morning as himself was off caving i saw the sunrise and thought yes a sunny day maybe .... maybe bl***y not by 9 o'clock it was dull and starting to rain !!

Now i hate to moan about the weather but it is impossible to take any photo's in this light
but at least it is mild for the time of year , well so the weather people say !!
I dont want mild i want cold frosty mornings clear and bright
and then what could be better than the warmth from the low winter sun on a winters afternoon.
Sunday is usually a chill out day for the kidlets in this house and as it is only us 4 girls today no boys at all !!
I have spent a few hours in my sewing room juggling things about until i get my new storage it will be a bit of a mission to work in there but i will manage .

I have made some more packs up and found some gorgeous fabrics for Mothers day inspiration packs and off course Spring packs !
It is much better being tucked away upstairs the girls keep popping in and out bringing me drinks of tea and the hot chocolate and toast .. perfect !

I am off to try and set up a better area for taking all those long over due photo's .
Enjoy the last bit of half term x


LoloDesigns said...

aah know what you mean about the weather, am a grumpy girl if I get no sunshine! I also don't get very much done ;o) Here's to spring!

KtShortcake said...

Ooh, I could do with someone to supply tea and toast! You clearly have them well trained! The weather was a disappointment today, it was quite warm when I left the house but bitter when I came back, roll on Spring!!

Hannah said...

I'm loving the idea of inspiration packs. The fabric in that one looks really nice....I shall be strong! ;)
P.s Thanks again for the wool that you sent me, I have made something already and shall be blogging about it soon (I have already blogged about the actual wool - its the 3rd post down) Hope tomorrow is a cheerier day for you :) xxxx

Holly said...

I do love your inspiration packs! I might just have to shout myself to one!

Have you tried using a daylight bulb to take your photos with? It produces a light almost identical to daylight! You might also like to have a nice warm lamp on somewhere in the background too to give your photos a little more glow. It's been quite overcast down here the last few days too so I'm having the same problem with my photos :(


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I completely understand about the weather, it has been quite dull here till Saturday and Sunday, Mr P was out with a friend most of the weekend, Jamie was at her Nanny's and Danny Man and I were at home as usual, I love the sun and it defiantely makes me more cheerful...

Tilly said...

Hi there, just to let you know that I definitely want the 'prestigious' fabric - I've emailed you but if you didn't get my message then please email me instead with payment details etc on