Saturday, 21 February 2009

Saturday ..

the Lovell telescope

Well so much for sunny !!

Today we have been to Jodrell Bank with the kids
oh my it was cold but the boys loved it ,
both are like sponges for soaking up interesting info so we are always surprised why they have struggled at school !!
The home schooling thing is not looking as scary and we have decided to give them a 6 month trial at high school and see how it goes ... fingers crossed they will catch up but if not we feel less petrified that we couldn't home school but please any home schoolers we would love your thoughts and idea's !!!

Plus i got to call in at a new found fabric place on the way home
yes yes i know i don't need anymore fabric but this is for a new range of summer wedding flowers and bags i am working on
so it was need not want !!!


part 1 of the big little room unveiling

here's Jonesy already to sew

here's the wider shot but i am finding it a bit to stark looking
i think i need to put up some more pictures and a mood board

so there you go
now i am off to have a cup of tea to warm up
then back to take some more photo's and catch up with my email's !!

have a great Saturday

oh forgot to say
the Inspiration packs are available on my website now too
but if you want to buy one from me here they are p+p free
just email me and i will send you payment details !!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

What a dinky little machine :O) I love the whicker torso on the wall too.
Your room is looking super clean and tidy. I'm mega impressed (and also wondering if I should start on mine... again *sigh*).

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Sara,

Your sewing room is looking fantastic!!!! it gave me inspiration to change round my spare/sewing room the other day as things werent working right.

I love your sewing machine its so attractive looking as well as usual!!! I am also drooling over that flower fabric you have in the corner of your work table, it just like some wrapping paper i was using earlier and i said to my hubby then that it would be great if it was fabric!!!!! one track mind or what!!!!

crafty lady said...

I really love your beautiful sewing room - it looks calm and peaceful and light and airy- will have to think about making my spare room into a little haven. Have to make do with the dining table at the moment- good luck - love your blog!