Monday, 23 February 2009

Lucky me

Just look at these little beauties
all mine for doing the gardening in of course ;0)
I needed a treat that was not fabric !!

The first day back did not go as planned we had no power allllllllll day
and Twin 1 was sent home from school feeling poorly !
It has since come to light that he is being bullied again ...
if there's one thing i cannot stand its bullying !!

So before all this excitement
i did write a deep and meaningful post today about crafting ....

I had it all written down all ready to write here then i nipped into my sewing haven
yes its a haven now not a room

and i took these just as the light was going

and there are shadows on them but hey i don't mind !!

just some cute things i did yesterday

I will deal with the bullying thing in the morning
i don't like to dwell on the negative side of things anymore
its just not healthy for you at all .... i say if you cannot sort it out until the next day
try not to stress about it .

Happy Monday to you all x x

Oooooh wool update

if i promised you wool and you haven't got it yet can you let me know as i have 2 packages here with no addresses on them and i have lost track of who's i have sent and who's i haven't

so let me know and i will get the wool sent out in the next day or so


Have a peek at The Eden blog for details of the inspiration packs


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

adorable :)

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Sara,

Your poor little boy, yes bullying is something that both me and my husband are hot on as we both were bullied at school. My Eldest is very secretive about school and there is girl in her class that seems to of taken a dislike to her, she was glowering at her this afternoon from school, so i am keeping a close eye on the situation and trying not to grill my little girl about too much. She is only five and has a tendency to urrmm shall we say elaborate on the truth if she feels pushed.

On to a happier note I am loving your craft works, looks like your new sewing room has given you wings!!!! Oh and i adore your new wellies too.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there! Firstly thank you for 'following' my blog :-)
What lovely things you make - I shall be dropping by often, as I've just bookmarked you! Have a good week. Happy days.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I hope you get the bullying sorted, it can be such a worry for everyone involved. My daughter was accused of bullying another child, it actually turned out that the girl doing the accusing was feeling left out and didn't want Jamie to be friends with someone who was her friend first!

I love the new items from your sewing haven, you have been a busy bee indeed, and I did put my name down for wool and haven't received any but I didn't like to comment as I didn't know if you had changed your mind... I am off to check out your website now...
take care

Jackie said...

Hi Sara - I haven't received a little woolly package yet. I will send you my address via your website. Thanks Jackie :O)

saraeden said...

Thanks Alex and Jackie your wool will be on it way very soon ! On the bullying thing spoke to the class teacher this morning and it they are going to keep an eye on the situation which is good .

Chrisy said...

Lovely crafty things! I like the way you're handling the school 'b' thing..and just your example of not worrying but doing is fabulous modelling for your kids...bravo!

AnnaVallance said...

Those are great looking boots.

Buffy said...

Just loving the boots! and the sewing is so lovely x x

Thanks again for the parcel x x I have been playing away merrily x x

My Eldest was Bullied when younger, it is awful! the worst thing is the bully seemed to get all the support whilst my son just had to deal with it! When they got to Secondary school Bully had no mates haha Karma x x x x

I do hope it is dealt with well at your sons school x x and that he gains his confidence quickly with no Scarring :) It is great that he was able to share it with you, says a lot about your great abilities as a mummy :)

~Buffy x x

nimblejacks said...

Great wellies I can never find them in the right size why is that???