Friday, 20 February 2009


i have made up a few more of these inspiration packs
but the photo's came out so blurry that i couldn't show you
i will take more tomorrow
plus the long awaited sewing room pictures and all the other ones i need to take !!
The light has been terrible here all week but fingers crossed it will be sunny in the morning
well according to the weather it will be !!!

Anyway back to the inspiration packs

they are 5.75 gbp including p+p if purchased direct from me here

they are available from my website but there is a postage charge on my website

they contain lots of lovely fabrics and ribbons and buttons !!!!
( this is the same pack so you can see you really do get a lot for your money )
please email me for payment details
This week has just flown by and i seem to have ended the week without my mojo but that will be solved next week ... right Vanessa !!

So anyway there are still some fabrics left and yet more to add
just as soon as possible in fact i may head off into my sewing room after my sticky toffee pudding and ice cream and sort out some more .

Sara x


bekimarie said...

Are you selling your packs through ebay, if not how do you want payment?
Have a good weekend.
Beki xxx

saraeden said...

Oooh sorry i should have said if you email me i will give you payment details :0)

Have a good weekend too
Sara x

Flossie and Tom said...

Hi Sara

Where can we see the inspiration packs cause I love the red white and blue one

Enjoy your sticky toffee pudding will speak later !!

I'm just off to have a coconut macaroon