Sunday, 11 January 2009


Well today has been a proper family day
we have done diy yes Vanessa DIY not the best thing to do with a bad back and general dodgy body syndrome but hey if we wanted to eat tonight it had to be done !!!

We have also done homework , dog walking , washing and i have been going around with my trusty tub of filler !!
I made himself laugh when i said some people like the distressed look
he said it was distressing to him to see the scuffed skirting board in the bathroom
and the holes that have been helped on there way by little piddies !!
So the holes are filled and the skirting board is scrubbed ready for painting now if i could only get my back to work , tonight i would be painting mmmmm maybe i should thank goodness for small mercy's i hate painting skirting's !!!

Now i am going to put my feet up for 5 mins before its bath and bed time
and lunch prep !!
Its never ending but i love it ... honest x x


Flossie and Tom said...

You've done really well to fit so much in.

I love days like that - I go to bed feeling shattered but really pleased with myself.

I've just got out of bath - Sunday nights havent really changed since I was 6 !!

saraeden said...

I am paying for it now my back is not happy at all but hey a woman's work and all that !!!

Vanessa said...

I have had to sit!

Vanessa x

Cakes Knits and Cosies said...

Hi and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – it’s early days for my blog, but I hope to post some of my new ideas, once they are completed. I love your blog, your craft work is fab - not sure how you fit it all in though!!

My daughter has inspired me to develop my craft ideas – she’s an artist and we often do fairs together in the Stoke/Staffordshire area.My daughters website is

I love her cob work – she did this on a masterclass week in Dartmoor last year.

I’ll keep in touch and good luck with your projects and fairs.


Janette said...


thanks for your comment on my blog - whereabouts in Preston did you live? I've just been reading through your blog it is lovely and I love your creations. Will definately be back to see what you are up to next.

thanks again, janette

Buffy said...

Thank you for my new year wishes x x x

Wishing you all the very best for 2009 too x x

I have only just straightened up the house and reinstalled routine following the christmas hustle and bustle :D

It was great even if it will take me till april to recover!

Can't believe how much you have done already!

Happy new year
~Buffy x x