Saturday, 10 January 2009

not playing ball

today my pain threshold is very low and my poor body is not playing ball !!
Most days i can get by but ever since last night i have been reduced to sitting on the sofa with a fleecy blanket !!
I can manage 15 to 20 minutes on the puter before i have to give in and take back my place on the comfy sofa !!

(hyacinths to cheer me up)

On the positive side i have done a bit of hand sewing
i did get out for a bit today and some how we ended up buying a large tent for the summer , must have been the influence of the painkillers !!
I did forget to go to borders to look at all the book suggestions i have been given
( i have been on Amazon to make up for it )
i must say a huge thank you to all of you and if you email me your addresses i will send you all a little fabric package .... i will get the better of this ever growing fabric stash !!
I have managed to do a bit on my website ... there's still lots more to add but hey its a start x x
well i am off to my sofa again
back soon x x


Mrs B said...

sara that sounds rubbish!! I hope you feel better soon! your blog looks lovely and fresh by the way! keep on that comfy couch all weekend thats what i prescribe!! xx

i cant sew said...

those flowers would cheer you up more if they were flowering! i will send (((grow)))) vibes their way. get better soon %*_*% rosey

tillyboo said...

Hope you are feeling better and your new quilt is looking sooooo pretty, sure to cheer you up :) x

Jackie said...

Sara - I can't get my e mail account to configure with the e mail wizard. Please can you e mail me on: and I will forward my address.

Thanks Jackie