Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I need your help

now i know some of you lovely ladies out there maybe be able to help with this one
you see i can knit quite happily ok i am no good at all the fancy stitches but i can muster up a fairly decent pair of mittens or some pretty little knitted flowers but what i really want is a simple book on how to crochet !!!!

I could knit a blanket and i could add knitted flowers

see below

but no i want to crochet a blanket and i want to crochet some flowers !!

So i need a book a simple to follow book please ... pretty please with a cherry on top

plus i will send a little fabric package to everyone who suggests a good book .

Sara x x x


Andrea said...

Hi, I have been on to Ebay and found the book that I have learnt with, here is a link to one listed at the moment!! Hope it helps!! x

Andrea said...

I also meant to say that I don't think that it has created a direct link so you will prob have to copy and paste it into a new browser...but you prob knew that!! x

Jackie said...

I liked a book called 200 stitch patterns for Baby Blankets by Jan Eaton, which has both knitted and crocheted blanket square designs that can be mixed and matched to create a unique blanket. The book caters for all abilites and has some good basic instuctions to follow.

Rachel said...

Sorry can't help, but I'll be very interested to hear which book you go for and if it's any good! I too can knit but would like to try my hand at crochet as well, and as I don't actually know anyone who can crochet it'll have to be learnt from a book. Good luck!:)

Mrs B said...

Happy hooker is good and fun, with some handy hints...I have an ancient book given to me by a friends mum, but not sure if still available! But we live in the same city so 'I can borrow it you'!! (I met you with my lovely friend Kirsty!) Jane Brocket's website has some good books listed for crochet! Go for Granny squares! They are such fun and look lovely with flowers! (look at Attic24 blog for gorgeous inspiration!!) xxx

Flossie and Tom said...


If you have a look at my blog and scan down a bit you will see one of my Christmas prezzies !!

A crochet set aimed at 8 year olds from Hobbycraft but I know Amazon do it as well.

I couldn't crochet at all but I am now quite a bit through a stripey blanket and I have done a couple of flowers.

I found the instructions really easy to follow and the wool colours are lovely.

It comes with a plastic hook but I ditched that and used a metal one as the wool kept snagging.

I'm sure if it managed to teach me its absolutely fool proof !!!

Good luck.

P.S I'm going to try and get some photos up tonight of how I'm doing.

Josie-Mary said...

Take a look at attic 24... I'm not very good at crocheting but found Lucy's crochet flowers really easy. You tube have some great clips as well if you don't want to spend money on a book.
Now all I need is for someone to teach me how to crochet granny squares together... any ideas?? :)

saraeden said...

Thank you all for all your help , i have been on amazon too and found some nice looking books !!

Thank you all so much x x

mollycupcakes said...

Hey honey,
I'll have a look around for a small one for you this weekedn sweetie, becaue you've been sooo kind to me.
I sadly don't have one myself, can't knit or crochet at all, but i can sew lots of little things. I'vce just make Jade a flower with net tiny hat for a singing comp she's doing at school. And am very proud of how it looks lol will show you a photo later.
Many thanks again for all you're help with the bird hunting. I'll be sending you a little thank you myself.
Big hugs,
Catherine x

Jackie said...

Another good one is Start Crochet also by Jan Eaton. It has very clear pictures to follow and is aimed at the complete beginner.

julia said...

I'd agree aith Happy Hooker and you really should look at Attic24's blog, her instructions are so straightforward. Good luck!
Julia x

PeggyCrafts said...

Sorry, I'm not sure about how to crochet, but I have just realised that your to-do list is almost identical to mine - just swap 'learn to surf' for 'learn to cook!'


Andrea said...

No problem, hope that it was of some help, Well if you show your creations then maybe I will show mine too!! Only I must warn you ..mine isn't very good!!! x

Bobo Bun said...

I learnt from a mix of books Erica Knight being quite good, but now a brilliant book is out there. Rowan Crochet Workshop would have really helped me stop making loads of mistakes when I started learning. I bought it today as there's loads in there to teach me more. I'd really recommend this one. Blankets and flowers as well as loads more.
Hope this helps, good luck with it.

jennyflower said...

Hi, sorry as a non-crocheter I'm afraid I can't help. Due to general on the last swap idea I have decided to change the swap to a filled mug swap....hope you will still take part?

kleinzonnetje said...

Hi - I'm not sure if this would be TOO basic, but I bought this for my daughter this Christmas (we also have the learn to knit one), and I think it's one of the best series ever. Really clear and really simple. Here's the link:

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Don't s'pose you remember but when I went to Cornwall in the summer that was my challenge to myself. The book I used was the Coats Crafts - Learn to Crochet Book 12637. It's about £6.99 and covers all the basic stitches.

I think crochet is something you really need to be shown rather than picked up from a book, but I did actually manage to produce something from this one.

Good luck.

Buffy said...

I have 2 amazing books, they are both like crochet bibles to me!!

This one you can see inside and it is a god send Crochet Encyclopedia

And these motifs, flowers, alphabet and animals etc are amazing!! (celtic knotted motifs are something else!) 201 motifs, blocks, projects and Ideas.

Happy new year and all the best for 2009!

~Buffy x x

Tallis said...

I would happily send you a basic granny square (large or small) instructions plus flower motif instructions if your still looking for help.

My contact details are on my blog, under construction at the mo :)