Tuesday, 6 January 2009


yes i am a bit of a list type person
maybe its my only hope of gaining a little control in the mad house
or more likely its because i have so much Crap sorry useful information wizzing around in my head

So here's a few things i want to achieve this year
  1. go indoor climbing with himself
  2. learn to surf
  3. do more workshop's
  4. update website more
  5. blog everyday
  6. take more photo's
  7. take weekends off
  8. get better work/life balance .. see above !!
  9. pass my driving test
  10. find a quilting course
  11. leave more comments on other blogs
  12. take more time out to spend with friends
  13. help at school more .
  14. get more organised .. this is my big wip !!
  15. learn to budget more
  16. keep more up to date with paper work
  17. find some good promotion for my work
  18. try to get featured in a glossy magazine
  19. attend some bigger fairs
  20. look into to new idea's to take my business further
  21. i want to learn to crochet
well that's a few of the big ones !!
update ... here's the start of my smaller list .
  1. Monday is new product day
  2. Tuesday is sewing update day with maybe a little helpful info thrown in too
  3. the rest of the week will be just me blogging !!!!
  4. Thursday is website day

I am going to keep coming back to this post and updating it


Katy said...

I want to find a proper quilting course too, a city and guilds or something, but (alas) it's a barren land for such things here ;) The monthly workshops I go to are fun though, just at the local quilting shop. I am the youngest by about 30 years, which i LOVE! (no really, I do, I get mothered all day long - bliss)

Andrea said...

I always make lists too but never get around to really ticking every thing off!! Sometimes I cheat and right down things that I have done just so that I can tick it off!!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i make lists of my lists i have so many sometimes !!! i do like a list though :-D i do what andrea does and sometimes i write stuff on that has already been done so i can cross it off......
Lesley x

Miss sew n sew said...

Your plans for this year sound exciting I really want to pass my driving test too wishing you the very best for your family and business in 2009!
Do you still do those flower hair slides as I want to buy some for Emilys birthday?

Things Hand Made said...

Have weekend off... that would be good!

Jackie said...


mollycupcakes said...

Good luck with the lists honey.
Sounds like you have a lot to do.
Many thanks for all the sweet comments you've been leaving me, i can't wait to see what you're sending.
I'd best get out a note book and do some lists of my own, starting with the lovely tax return form, oh the joy lol
Catherine x