Monday, 29 December 2008

new look

no not the shop !!
i think i need a bit of a new look , i have become a jean & t-shirt wearing person and that's just not me !!
Don't get me wrong im in no way a full make girl but somedays scraping your hair back in to a ponytail and washing your face and brushing my teeth is just not were i want to be !!
I want to look just slightly more , more what im not sure yet but just more !!

My blog is also looking a bit stale this i know because i have also lost my mojo to blog everyday or maybe its just lack of time ??
It could be that frightening time of the year you know NEW YEAR
maybe a list needs to be writen for this one maybe a bit of a spruce up
maybe i should stop rambling and get on with it !!

So i am off to take some photo's do something more than sit and eat !!

*** update ... it really helps if i take the flipping camera out with me
oh well i will try again tomorrow ***

1 comment:

Summer by the sea said...

Love the Donuts you have made Sara - Happy New Year! - Natalie xx