Sunday, 28 December 2008

I love Christmas

( donuts in my new WIP's box )

I have to say i love Christmas
the whole thing is very relaxed in our house
no pressure to be like the scene for a magazine just family and food and presents and chilled outness !!
The one thing i have found and i think me and V chatted about it a lot on Monday was getting more organised earlier !!!

Yesterday we had a bit of a trip to the sales not a massive splurge just some books for the kidlets and some nice gift sets from Boots for me and himself , we dont go mad in the sales !!
Lets face it its only a bargain if its something you actually need !!

i also love the time i get to sit and hand sew while the kidlets play with there new toys !!
see donuts above !!!

I have been wanting to make a cute purse for a while but i have been to busy so after everyone was fed on Christmas eve i made this !!!

Anyway must dash off to the shop for milk and bread
enjoy the rest of the holidays x x x

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Jackie said...

Very sweet purse.