Friday, 7 November 2008

toooo busy

Sorry for the lack of pretty photo's but its a bit of a mad house here at this time of year !!
I love the build up to Christmas !!

I love the whole manicness of it all but just to show i have been keeping up with the new me ,
i have already got a few pressies and as soon as i can find some flipping sellotape im going to get them wrapped ..... are you shocked ? i know i am ;0)

Tonight i have a date with a pile of felt waiting to be made in
to something cute to add a bit of fun to my Christmas tables .

have a great Friday evening x


Rachel said...

Good lord, you are organised! I've just started my Christmas shopping (well, got one present!)but won't get anything wrapped until December. But now I have all our birthdays out of the way I can give Christmas my full attention!

nimblejacks said...

I've got some of Leo's, only as Tesco had half price on hot wheelz which are his favourite thing at the moment! As for the rest! Ha Ha
Got visiotrs this afternoon so I'm off to make tasty raspberry and choccy muffins, this family can eat and army's worth. Kids much better just very peely after the burns.