Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My baby is growing up

yes its a shock to see how much my baby is growing
in fact she will be old enough to venture outside soon
so that means a trip to the v. e . t . s !!

I just had to show you this most unflattering shot of Fistral a sleep on my notebook while i was trying to make up some hairclips for the mass of Christmas fairs i have booked !!

I will be back to normal - ish blogging soon i just have to recover from half term
and trying to work while the kidlets were off !!
I have decided that from now on i will take the school holidays off to spend time with the family.Last week was hard for me and a bit boring for the kidlets so i am going to try and get the balance right for all of us .I am no super woman thats for sure !!

Its also a bit of a shock that its only a few weeks to Christmas and i am a little worried if i will be able to do everything i want to as well as keep up with my work but the new improved me is still focused !!
So back to the sewing table for another hour then tea , bath and bedtime for the kidlets x x


Jackie said...

Where are you doing craft fairs? We might meet.

nimblejacks said...

half term was bonkers here, visitors, lots of cooking but the kdis had fun as I'm lucky my hubby's a teacher so he was off to and they spent time digging for worms for his fishsing! Blurgh but they loved it I don't think I've ever seen 2 more filthy children in all my life we had to soak their clothes in the bath!!!! Pwoar that mud honks:D Then we had the disaster on sunday of them playing with euohrobia and chemical burning their faces oh my, I was so upset Leo looked like he had 3rd degree burns all over his face and hands it was awful and poor Kiera being a girl is so upset she has 3 big marks left on her face. Out and on with gallons of Bio Oil on those scars but chin up thet are back in school today and I'm back on with tidying up the carnage here!!! Oh and sewing etc. Love my kids but you know when they and your hubby are home for a week! I think Jaz our one eyed cat is missing Leo she's sat looking out the door since he went to school, where Leo is so is Jaz like his little shadow that boy loves his cat...

Andrea said...

Oh Bless!! What a fab photo, I know, it's a bit scary isn't it to know that Christmas is just around the corner! Have you started shopping for pressies yet? x

Knitting Up North said...

Sounds like you've had your hands full, craft to keep calm, that's my motto!