Sunday, 9 November 2008

custom order and red ....

Yesterday i had planned to get all those odd jobs done but instead we went to Ikea !!
I have been wanting a kitchen block for a while and finally we have got one Yea !!!
Its got to be oiled and stained and the likes yet plus the kitchen needs re-painting oh and got some very nice fabric to make some new blinds for the windows oh how i love Ikea !!

In my bid to be organised i also got 3 simple red storage boxes for WIP's and odd bits !!
I seem to have a red thing going at the moment i got a red throw , red boxes , red paper , red wax ... you see i am into red at the moment !!
They have tooooo much red stuff in Ikea !!

Oh and i have just finished a red bag and some red purses
yep i am into red in a big way x


Samantha said...

You're not alone! I love a bit of red too.

Love the corsage!

Andrea said...

Do you know what it's funny you should say that as I have started bringing Red into my Home too!! Yeah..great minds think alike!! x