Saturday, 1 November 2008

its cold and miserable

so here's some bright strawberries
i love how this photo came out very bright

look V these are yours ;0)

i have been a bit busy this week with half -term and lots of sewing for my lovely wholesale customers and for the 5 fairs i have booked so far ... arghhh !!

I cannot believe we have had such a cold week with snow as well even if it was only a little bit
Snow is snow !!!


Vanessa said...

Almost good enough to eat!


Holly said...

Ooooh, they look so pretty and bright!

nimblejacks said...

very cute I'm felting hearts at the mo, inbetween nursing my poor two kids who have faces coveres in horrifc blisters from handling a plant yesterday , euphorbia is banished from our vacinity forever, my poor hubby was home alone with them and had no idea what they were playing with. sigh need a cake to recover as I'm sitting in a house with all the curtains shut to keep the UV out top stop blisters getting worse!

Vanessa said...

I have got something on my blog for you!

Vanessa x

karen said...

those strawberies look sooo cute.

awww i love snow we never seem to get it down here sob sob