Sunday, 26 October 2008

Look what i got

In my bid to be more organised i have got this little beauty
I didn't go for a flash model
( just in case it joins the other gadgets i have in the cupboard you know the ones i mean ;0))

So we can hopefully look forward to some lovely soups stews and casseroles !!

We have a bit of an empty nest this weekend and just Kitty is at home
up to know this has cost me a tub of B&J's , a new pair of dusky pink cords , sweeties of course !!

I finally made this cute little heart , i have been wanting to make one for ages but
while waiting for my boys to be collected i did a quick bit of stitching
this one is going on the website along with some more in pretty pastel colours !!

This is another job done .. see V i got it done and it only took me 11 months ;0)
oh and the photo's on the website too ,
see all your nagging sorry i mean constructive comments have finally paid off

Just look at the monster you have created ;0)


Andrea said...

They are fab! Only thing is I think that I sickened my hubby of Stews and Casseroles at one stage and now we dont use ours at all!! (Not allowed to use it any more!!) x

Buffy said...

I love those little trees! really cute. Well done x x

I am using my slow cooker again this week a lil chicken casserole recipe of the net. I am having family over and taking all the kids and my niece Trick or treating so it will be a hectic day, so nice to pop everything in in the day and come home to a lovely hearty meal x x

I love my slow cooker!

Enjoy it x x

Rachel said...

Love the little trees, so pretty!

tillyboo said...

We've just bought a slow cooker, fab ! We made a delicious turkey casserole but I want to make soup next.
Just right for the crappy cold weather that has emerged today eh ?

Love the dinky little trees.

Vanessa said...

I have created a 'Monster'!

Vanessa x

Chloe said...

Oh the christmas decorations are lovely. Very sweet.

We have a slow cooker but all it gets to see is dust.
I've only used it a handful of times and only ever to make stew.
Really I should get it out and try harder with it. Would probably make my life easier!

Things Hand Made said...

You make such lovely stuff! I love you name quilt/blankety things! Lots of lovely stews and things coming your way.

MelMel said...

Sorry only just seen your comment...thank you for popping in....hope you will again soon!xxx

Beadyjan said...

Love your felt brooches and stuff,

I use my slow cooker a lot at this time of year - makes the most yummy rice puddings as well as savoury dishes.

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, found you through Vanessa...I've got a slow cooker but it's been in the cupboard for over a year!! Any tips??
Great blog :)