Saturday, 25 October 2008

Yay weekend

yes at last its weekend and also the start of half - term Yesssss !
I would love to be able to take a bit of time away from work but this is my busiest time
and i just cannot ... boo hoo !!!

I am lucky that i can just pop down the valley for a quick walk to blow away the cobwebs or fabric bits !!!

My new me work wise is going very well even if i do say so myself
and it really makes sense now to have core products which are always in stock to keep my wholesale customers happy !!

I am going to attack my huge WIP's boxes
and carry on filling up my folksy shop and website

I have one last swap package to finish and some swaps to show off !!

I will also be nagging Vanessa to help with the belles blog as we have been neglecting the other blog lately but we have been busy so please forgive us !!

have a great weekend


i suck at sewing said...

stumbled across your blog... so glad i did! you have created some sweet stuff. i will be back for a peek another time. xx rosey

Hilda May said...

Hi there....thanks for commenting on my blog....I do pop over here regularly and am glad that your organisation seems to be working.....Cornwall is still waiting!.....when we moved down here we didn't have two pennies to rub was worth the struggle though.....
Rachel x