Friday, 10 October 2008


Not just work pressure but the pressure in my head from my cold is driving me mad !!
I have had enough of this cold but feel very lucky to be here as i got some sad news yesterday that a family friend had passed away .
As an asthmatic i know how precious life can be and even if i am struggling a bit , i am here !!

I send my thoughts and prayers to the family at this sad time .

In other news i am luckily enough to have been featured on cuteable
my little pink birdie is doing her bit for breast cancer awareness month !!
As some one who has had a near miss with breast cancer and an aunt die from it
when i was younger it means a lot to me to promote awareness in any way !!

I have tons of other stuff to blog about including new lists and a kick up the bum
but i have a fair pile of work to get done so back to the sewing machine !!

Thank you all for your get well wishes and for those still feeling a bit off get well soon to you too !!


Vanessa said...

Sorry to hear about your family friend, but it enforces what I always say, get on with life!

Hope you have a productive weekend!

Spk Tuesday.


Miss sew n sew said...

Sorry about the loss in your family. Your little birdie is lovely how great that it's doing it's bit hope your feeling better soon!