Sunday, 12 October 2008

The art of time wasting

this is an art no a skill (must pop that one on my CV not ) that i am a master at just ask Vanessa .
I try to apply my self but holy cow i am crap at it !!
I try i really do and i start of well with all good intentions that this time i will work/live better !
Well the other day i got a huge big kick up the bum of Vanessa , she is one of the only people i know who knows me well enough to understand that i struggle trying to keep my creative monster under control and do some proper bill paying work !
Being poorly over the past few week or so has made me think that maybe just maybe i can make this business work and work well !!

We ahve had some big nay huge changes over the past few months and my darling Chrissy is loving his time at uni but he too has to knuckle down and do some work or our dreams of Cornwall will stay as just that dreams !!

I have sat down and made lists surprise surprise
and from now on Monday is my house day
weekends are just for family and chilling out
the rest of the week is WORK
i have also re-organised my stock list and now have my core products
of which i will work on and than when they are done i can let the monster out and play

so i am off to check out some blogs while the kidlets chill out upstairs chatting and colouring pretty pictures ..... enjoy your weekend and see you tomorrow

Sara x


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

lol My week could do with structure like that. I spend all week 'experimenting' then OH asks if I've made anything to actually sell... eeeek!!
Sadly our plans of heading South West look like they will not happen :o( so you've got to make sure yours do and I'll live vicariously (ooh good word for a Sunday morning!!).

Rachel said...

Ooh, I'm very good at time wasting too! I hope your new structure works for you - I regularly plan to start sticking to some kind of routine but it always fails miserably (no will power, this one!!) I'm still using my little "to-do" notebook though, which does help me to at least think that I have achieved something!

Things Hand Made said...

Time wasting? I don't know what you are talking about! Huge creative monster, yes sometimes it is like a monster taking over!

Vanessa said...

I'm really pleased that you feel some structure will make your dream a reality!

If you start going of the rails don't worry I will be there to tell you, after all what are friends for!!!

Vanessa x

Jackie said...

I want to make monday my house day too..but what happens when you have a busy weekend and are desperate to sew on monday?
Good luck. Hope it works out like you planned!
(My goodness thats a hard word verification waiting for me down there..I'm bound to fail first time, bvcdcvd.)