Tuesday, 10 June 2008

14 days

Yes only 14 days and im FORTY
yes forty .. my god why !!

I dont feel forty and my freinds say i dont look forty .. whatever that means
is there a certain look for forty year old ??

The best bit about my birthday is that we are always in Cornwall for it .. bliss !!

so there it is 40 !!

and because i dont want to scare the hell out of you all
with a " oooh she doesn't look forty photo "

heres one of the new photos for my website of Kitty wearing one of my new headbands

much better than my ugly mug !!!!

Sara x


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Wow! You do look good for 40!! lol I'm frantically trying to find somewhere for us to stay in Cornwall in school hols. Hub has discovered he has another week's holiday so we can go away, but everywhere is booked up :o(

Pipany said...

Hurray and happy birthday!!!! 40 will be fine, better than fine cos you get another ten years to achieve all your aims! Hah, that's what I said when I got there anyway. Glad you'll be in Cornwall where the sun is just blazing down and the sea is perfect! xx

jennyflower said...

Enjoy your break, we are home in Dorset in two weeks time, and I'm really looking forward to it! Don't forget to send your address and I'll pop your things in the post to await you on your return!

mollycupcakes said...

Don't stress hun, you'r still be looking good in your 50's so 40 will be a breeze.
Like the headband and what a cute little model.
She knows how to strike a pose.

Catherine x

Jackie said...

gorgeous hairband, fabulous hair!