Wednesday, 11 June 2008

upset website

well as you can guess from the post title im having a few technical
problems with the website
arghhhhhhhhhh , screaaaaaaam and ooooh i forgot strrrressss !!

But it is open again so please go have a look

i have managed to do a bit of the update
i still have to put all the new things on ... not being able to get the photos
on is making this difficult !!
Then theres the new stock that wont be arriving now until we get back of holiday !!

so after spending the last four hours struggling with good old Mr site
im in neeeeed of some serious sewing !!
i want to get lots of these made

(headbands not another Kitty !! )
to hopefully go on yes you guessed it the website
wish me luck

1 comment:

Summer by the sea said...

Lovely headbands - do they fit adults? - Natalie x