Saturday, 7 June 2008

Typical ...

flipping Great British weather

Yes you guessed it Saturday morning it rained so i decided not to go to the fair
outside summer stall + wet fabric = nightmares to clean and dry !!

then would you believe it

.. it goes and clears up about 45 mins after we should have left !!

So i have plenty of stock to fill up my ebay shop and my new items will be going on Etsy !!
as soon as the camera batteries are charged again !!

This week has made me think that i need to learn to put things in order
and do what is important but also what makes me happy !!
Yes i have said this before and i always start well and then i slowly fall back into my old bad habits of taking on tooooo much and thinking i can juggle twenty things at once !!

So what makes me happy
My family makes me happy !!
Blogging makes me happy !!
Sewing makes me happy ...
i could wish for a better job ok a bit more moolah would be nice !!

I have been sad this week and will always be
a little sad about my Dad , my Gran , my Dog and all those i have lost
but i have only to look at what i have got and that makes me see i am very lucky ...

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ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I think sometimes it's OK to have a little sad spell. Have been the same myself just recently. One or two comments I've made and posts I've typed have had me in tears. I shan't elaborate or it'll set me off again ;o)
As you say, you just have to make the most of those people and things who are still here.