Saturday, 10 May 2008

thats better ....

back to blogging more !!

I have had such a busy week
i have made tons of stuff and been out taking photos on my course .
Im very critical of my own work ... yeh i know your surprised ;0)
I love taking photos but my florists background gives me the eye , you know the one
the that means everything has to be staged perfectly one !!
I did win the Christmas window dressing comp 2 years running when we had the shop !!

So im not really a snap a 100 shots kinda girl and edit when you get home but thats what we were asked to do .... take loads of shots and next week we edit !!

heres a couple of the shots i took i will do a post full of them soon for you to look at or go have a look see on my flickr !!
so as i have a mountain of stuff to make before we hit the surf in a few weeks
i will go sew
Have a great day
Sara x


Miles Away In France said...

good luck with the sewing.

Love the photos.

Racheal x

acorn and will said...

Lovely pics, do you find you notice more whilst you're walking around looking for a picture. I'm much more aware of my surroundings since blogging! Jennifer

willywagtail said...

Hi. In answer to a previous post the kitty is good. I always worry about scary faces when I do cats but yours is not scary. I love your photo of the space under the roots. I think I have a thing for caves and anything that looks the least bit like one gets me all excited. I think composition and placement are important but since i have lost the book for my slr I need to be snap happy in order to get focused pictures. Cherrie

Pipany said...

Hey this is getting spooky Sara - first the Cornwall connection and now the floristry - I used to work as a florist many moons ago!

The surf has been fab here and combined with the gorgeous weather it feels like heaven xx

happybunny said...

I agree with Acorn and Will - since blogging everything is a potential subject and I see things so much more deeply than I ever did before.
I think your photos are very good.

saraeden said...

Awww thank you everyone its sooo lovely to get your comments !!!

Sara x x x