Monday, 12 May 2008


Oh wow hasnt the weather been nice ??

Sorry if you have crappy weather :0(

Any way yesterday i got up a the crack of dawn to drag my self and himself and kidlies
to the carboot sale !!
Well we did a good morning and i managed to clearout out some of my fabric collection
and i only spent 1.20 on a couple of things which i will take photos of tomorrow !!

I had a lovely day sat out in the garden when we got back doing a little hand sewing and finished off a pile of smocks and bags which will be for the summer fair im going to .
And guess what i didnt take a photo all day !!

heres some pretty forget me knots from my garden taken last week !!

Today we took the boys to Manchester museum
i will post about this later on in the week right now my feet hurt and i need to sort out my photos for tomorrow mornings class x x


mollycupcakes said...

Well done on the boot fair and beautiful flowers. They look like you could reach in and touch them, great photo hun.

Enjoy the week.

Catherine x

Pipany said...

Oh haven't been to a boot sale for ages - getting withdrawl symptoms! Looking forward to seeing the pics xx

happybunny said...

Just wanted to say a quick hello and that I am enjoying reading your blog.
The weather has been lovely although its a bit chillier tonight.
I love the photo - the flowers are such a beautiful blue.

tillyboo said...

Forget me nots are one of my favourites. They remind me of my nans cottage garden.
Not quite so nice weatherwise today so may get some 'making' done today.

Jackie said...

lovely forget-me-nots.
sometimes the little common things get overlooked.