Friday, 9 May 2008

arghhhhhh !!!

were has this week gone
iam getting really behind with blogging on both blogs
my poor old website is waiting to be updated
the etsy shop needs filling up with lovely new goodies
and never mind anything else ;0)

So what have i been doing
well actually i have been sewing ... i know shocking isnt it !!
I have a list of what i have made
and some photos but thats for later

first i want to say a huge big thank you for my lovely PIF gift from
the wonderful Dotty Designs

yes i managed to take a photo before a ripped open the package ;0)

and look what was in there ... all these goodies
but i have to say this is my fave thing and just what i need
perfect for when i help when we have sewing at school
and it will go very nicely in my holiday sewing bag

thank you sooooo much

i will be doing my PIF soon
i do have to catch up and send out the last one i did
well it does give you a while to do it
in fact i think thats one of the things i will do on my holidays
so you may get some wonderful Cornish fudge as well ;0)

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