Friday, 16 May 2008


Im going to have a bit of a rant here so please excuse me .....
it all started last night with some shall we say "family issues"
then this morning while i was trying to package up last nights orders , drink tea , check emails and
then i check for any jobs for me or himself on the websites i look on nearly everyday !!

Any way can you guess my excitement when i found himself a job in Cornwall
for 23k per annum ???
So i grabbed the phone and called as he had just left for work and got a flat no ,
what was that did you just said .... NO !!

Well thats really annoyed me i would swear but if i start i dont think i will stop
im so fed up with flipping excuses why we wont be going this year
i know we havent saved enough money yet and that i have loads of work on for this year but 23k per annum
thats a lot more than he is on now !!!
I keep finding jobs for myself but i dont
see many for himself so this was a real surprise to find it !!

so anyway im off to do the school run and see if i can catch a glimpse of the bomber heading to Derwent dam !!
One flew over the other day and i missed it ... story of my life that ;0)

Back again now no bomber insight
feeling a little calmer now , so heres a bit more news of what i have been doing

I have closed my website for a few weeks as well ,
im changing the content and adding lots of new old things and some vintage fabric !!

Im also wanting to produce more one off pieces again
my little tote bags and plain shoppers will only be available from my ebay shop and maybe etsy

The flowers will be a big part of what im doing !!!
I feel i have to try and produce a more happy medium in my work
ok i have to pay bills but i also feel i am not working to my full potential

so watch this space ;0)


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Grr! Men! You're much further down the relocation route than me, but a few months ago a job came up that would've suited my OH. He did actually go for the interview. The money was the same as he's on now and he would probably have got the job but, when it came to the crunch, he got cold feet and said No. It was in Dorset rather than Devon and still a 3 hour drive to my sister's. He decided, if and when we do it, he'd rather be close to them so at least we know someone locally. Can understand but... Unfortunately jobs for him are few and far between as he's on quite a hefty whack at the mo. It's great cuz he's been able to support me through college, and while I try to get something off the ground I can get away with part-time work, BUT trying to find a similarly paid job in the SW is like looking for hen's teeth!! :0)
Sorry that's such a long comment... Up on my soapbox as well hehe

Pipany said...

Oh what a pain Sara and especially hard when you feel life is on hold till you go - I mean when you feel it's time to go! Oh not making self clear but thinking of you!!!! xx

saraeden said...

thank you both .. maybe its just me being a bit selfish and expecting miracles from him !! We have just spoken on the phone and he really doesnt want to work nights while the kiddies are little mmmm i suppose i can see his point but dont tell him i said that ;0)

Sara x

anyway not long until a whole week in Newquay ... yay !!

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Sara,
oh dear, i dont really know what to say, but i hope things work out well for you.
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Cornwall oh so beautiful can understand your annoyance. Andrew and i argue constantly about his work which takes him overseas ALL THE TIME. But i also wouldnt want him to change jobs and be miserable when he is the main bread winner. I know it is annoying but when you do move (and i am sure it will happen soon) it is important that you are both in jobs you enjoy. but ranting is good!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your flowers

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Not content with one 'huginormous' post, here's another. Tag! You're it! Have tagged you in my latest post. :0)