Wednesday, 28 May 2008

just photos

taken today from my hallway window

first to the left a bit misty today but you can usually see fields and hedgerows

then to the right , you can just about see the hills which lead you over to the goyt valley

and finally the field behind our house

see what i mean when i say fields all around us !!


quiltdude said...

Hi Sara, I found you through Pink petal designs (plus I think I've added you in flickr?)
My last mesage dissapeared so sorry if this comes up twice.
I just love where you live, to have those views every day instead of other peoples brick walls would be heavenly. You are very lucky.
Looking forward to the next swap, maybe we'll be partners?
X Clare

peggyprints said...

Hello! Thank you for your kind comment! Website's coming along nicely!

I fear that now I have discovered you blog I am not going to get much work done today...

Helen x

mollycupcakes said...

How lovely to be surrounded by such beauty.
Lucky you sweetie.

Catherine x

Katy said...

what great views. We are also surrounded by fields...but you can only see them out of one small window (which is a bit rubbish!!)

Jackie said...

Yes it is lovely whee you live! Why move? I know Cornwall is lovely too but all those tourists!

saraeden said...

I have to agree it is a super place to live but we dont get out to see much of it with all the tourists we get all year round really ... it is walking country after all and we are on the edge of the peak park !!

Sara x