Wednesday, 28 May 2008

holiday mode !!

I somehow seem to have slipped into "holiday mode"
im not sure how because i was working sooo well but yep its happened

So to try and counteract this i am back to writing lists
and to hopefully shame myself into getting things done
im going to list them here !!

So today i will mostly be making these

They are still my best seller at the moment

if i can get my bum in gear and make enough i will update my etsy shop and the good old ebay shop as well with brooches
and some lovely headscarf type things i have made for little girlies for the summer

It is school holidays here too and having to keep the kidlets happy is not easy when the farmer is in the process of spreading all and i mean ALL the fields around us so they cannot really play out ... this is so kind of him just in time for my daytrip out tomorrow !!
I so love walking around Manchester smelling like a farmer !!
Dont get me wrong its great being surrounded by all the fields just a minute ago i watched a huge big hare run down the field that was cut at weekend and its sooo nice to look out over the fields in a morning and see all the wildlife
It will be very difficult to leave here and we know finding just the right place to move to is going to be hard work but hey thats a choice we have made and i know living in Cornwall will be wonderful !!


pink-petal-designs said...

whooo Sara i like the pink flower brooch !! nice fabrics.Enjoy your day out.
Sarah x

Holly said...

Soo cute! I love the strawberry petal!