Friday, 30 May 2008

Can you smell it ??

Im sure you must be able to , i cannot get away from the smell and its not finished yet !!
Yes the muck spreading goes on ;0)

Ok enough about the smelly fields !!!
Heres another shot of my fave flower at the moment ... yes i know its a weed to most but take a minute and look at the wonderful deep colour !!

I am getting into my photos at the moment and have decided to get some printed
as postcards and some larger photos to frame and have on the wall .
Hopefully this weekend i can get out to play with my camera and use the new filters that my darling Chrissy has bought me !!

Heres a peek at one of my latest buys and it is now happily on ebay

I hope that someone will enjoy it as much as i enjoy my own copy !!

I will try and do a big post this weekend to catch up with everything
loads of thrifted buys and things i have made over this week !!!
Theres a fair bit of fabby fabric been bought too !!

Sara x

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Good idea about getting some of your photo's done in print!

The cake was absolutely gorgeous I am not rubbing it in (honestly).

Vanessa x