Thursday, 17 April 2008

today i have ...

managed to do all this ..... what do you think !!!

  1. packaged up 2 items
  2. cut out and made up a mini bag
  3. 2 hours housework
  4. cut out 5 purses
  5. bed by 7.30 pm
  6. cut out a bag
  7. oh and ive written this boring post !!!!
  8. forgot i have sewn a big bag too
thats about it today ...
a bit of a boring post i know but my camera batteries
are on charge !!

I must start writing down what i have done as soon as its done ..
i have a short term memory problem due to a head injury a few years ago
not old age !!!
Its a wonder i can remember anything i have fractured my skull in 2 places
had numerous head injuries whilst riding horses
and then theres my motor bike incident !!
Yep its a flipping miracle i remember anything at all

Who am i ? were am i ? and more importantly who are you ??

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