Friday, 18 April 2008

Thank crunchie its Friday ...

its been a long week , the weather has been odd
snow and wind one minute thunder and lightening the next
with a bit of sunshine thrown in every now and then !!

And theres the big comp mmmm ,
im not sure if i can keep up with it all ha ha ha !!

So heres some sneaky peeks at what ive been sewing .. yes more scrummy bags
the one above is my new design which i do like alot !!

and now for todays tally
  1. 2 hours housework
  2. 4 purses sewn up and pressed
  3. 3 items packaged up
  4. one bag sewn up
  5. i have also sewn a lovely baby vest as a new baby gift
but i think the mum to be reads my blog so no previews yet !!

off to see if i can add a few more things to the list
oh and we have got our wonderful car back for a few days
and my new tripod has arrived
not such a bad Friday after all !!

Have a super weekend

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