Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Check it out ....

Theres a new post on the northern belles blog

If you are looking for stylish invites or cards
please go have a look at Vanessa's blog and see what her clever sister has made !!

( these bags will be for sale soon )

I will be updating the list of todays achievements
later on today with photos and all that kind of stuff !!!

so here what i did
  1. 4 yes i said 4 hours housework
  2. cut out 2 bags
  3. 2 blog posts
  4. and my younger 3 were in bed for 7.29 pm ..... yes !!!
I also made a first prototype of a new bag
i dont like using a ready made bag pattern
even thought i have changed it quite a lot and omitted some of the pattern pieces !!

So i have made a bag along the same lines kind of ... pleated front and panels
but its more me than the other one !!

Sara x


Summer by the sea said...

Gorgeous bag - its so bright and cheery and big enough to keep all my junk, sorry - valuables in!
Sounds like you have been very productive this week - Natalie x

Andrea said...

Oh I love that, I so am not going to give your details to my sister as she is a mad bag lady and is always buying bags at any chance she gets, oh ok, maybe I cant deprive her of seeing yours!!