Monday, 14 April 2008

keeping a tally !

  1. packaged and sent out one item
  2. 1 hours housework
  3. posted on the belles blog
  4. another hours housework .. not sure if Chrissy will be able to stand the shock !!
  5. cut out and finished one bag
  6. cut out two new bags
  7. made a messenger bag in brown pop flowers

got a few more things done as well
some more cutting out
added a post on here !!!

not to bad for the first day !!!


pink-petal-designs said...

You got loads done today. Love this bag !
Sarah x

LYNS said...

oh well done! love the bag! x

Vanessa said...

I only achieved 5 points yesterday, but I am cutting out at present!

Watch out!

Pipany said...

Ooh I seem to have missed a few posts! Gorgeous bags sara and love the idea of the mojo finding. Great way to get it back (though am knackered just reading all you have done!) xx

Crafty B said...

Hi busy bee!
Got that pattern as well and love it, great fabric combinations! x

twiggypeasticks said...

What a busy bee, well done!!