Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Another day another list !!

first order off the day was to go for a walk with the twins and Kitts !!
We had a lovely walk by the canal taking some nice photos
Both the boys are into photography as well they now have my old camera
which they argue ... sorry discuss who will take the shot !!
Usually by the time they have sorted it out the shot has gone tee hee !!

I managed to practise my water shots ,
which was hard work with 3 kiddies trundling about near the waters edge !!
Passers by looked on in amusement as i balanced on the waters edge trying for that
perfect shot !!

then home , lunch and then sewing
so heres the list so far
  1. 2 hours house work
  2. 3 bags cut out
  3. 2 bags finished ... photos in the morning !!
so there you go so far , if i dont fall asleep in front of the t.v.
i may get some more done !!

Oh and we missed the bedtime slot again ... due to the need to take moon shots !!

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