Saturday, 8 March 2008

Missing days ...

I seem to be missing some days ... im not at all sure were they have gone
or what i may have done on them !!!!

I only seem to have a small pile of work i have done this week
i guess that slacker-mode i have been in has caused this !!

I have had my hair cut .... short !!
It looked great when i had it done but after a afternoons swimming and a windy evening
the weather not me by the way ;0)
I now look at bit more wild than well groomed !!

I will take some photos later especially of the giveaway so please keep commenting
lots of you seem to stop by my blog
but not leaving a comment
so come on dont be shy !!!!

Back soon with photos
Sara x

1 comment:

Made By Claire said...

the weather here is a bummer when you have just had your hair done. I had mine done a couple of weeks ago and it looks like crap now coz of the weather. LOL