Thursday, 6 March 2008

10 bunnies ...

thats what i have to make !!
10 bunnies , i hadn't realised Easter was so soon !!

What happened to that organised person that was here at Christmas ??
I think shes turned into a slacker a work shy slacker !!

So she will be burning the midnight oil for a few days

So please keep commenting .... she will be making up those give aways too !!

off to write the mother of all lists and then to get ticking things off it
i may even post it here then i have to get it done
i will get shouted at by someone .... you know who you are !!

The website will also be closed for 24 hours from midnight tonight
for a bit of TLC !!


Summer by the sea said...

Yep its only 2 weeks till Easter, I am also burning the midnight oil as I want to make some bunting for my shop window display, I have a bunny to finish off who will also sit in the window and I need to make a roman blind for my little girls room - All this and our house is in absolute chaos - building dust everywhere!
Natalie x
P.S. - Your giveaway sounds lovely, I'd love to win something!

Pipany said...

Just finished one of my bunnies (or Babbits as they are known in our house) but the orders keep coming in and the blooming things are multiplying! Good luck with the list xx