Saturday, 8 March 2008

website update part 1

the website has had its first part of its update
i hope you like it ???

My Kitty is always drawing me little pictures
and leaving them in my bag , coat pocket or on my desk !!

this is one of the latest ones she has left me

So i suppose it is time i stared to do something else with these drawing apart from copy them
on to t-shirts for her to wear !!

So theres another thing for my to-do list which i havent posted yet because its still not finished
which is really scary !!

I an also working on some new things that will hopefully be liked by some new stockists
of my things .. fingers crossed !!!!

I would like to say if there is anyone out there who may be interested in stocking my things
please contact me ???

Sara x

Off to practise what i preach and catch up with leaving some comments


Katy said...

My Grace does the same, I have bits of paper all over the place with her artistic creations on. And today she disappeared upstairs with glue, glitter (Hiss - I hate glitter), and 'stuff' to make me a card for my birthday tomorrow. Bless her. I've been banned from her room (which means she has to tidy it, so I don't mind at all!!!)

tedandagnes said...

OOh love your new website....I shall be stopping by soon as I know if the new addition is a boy or a girl!