Friday, 21 March 2008

i have edited this post


lucykate crafts... said...

i remember that post, i'm sure it was some time around the beginning of february, i remember because the day after i saw your post about it, i went on a bloggy meet up, with ginger monkey and a few other crafty bloggers and i was telling them about your brooches being copied exactly!

not sure how ebay tackle it, but etsy were not much help really, it is a case of 'sort it out amongst yourselves, only contact us as a last resort and here's a really complicated form to fill in if you can be bothered!" i was bothered, and had it all ready to send, when the offending listings were removed after i had exchanged a couple of emails with the seller.

i'm going round telling everyone this, but there is some really good business advice on u-handblogs other blog craft boom, and google creative commons licenses, about all you can do is put some deterrents in place to scare people off from trying it on.

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Sara,

That's so infuriating! You can report items on ebay (think you click a link on the item), someone wrongly did it to mine and they instantly removed my item.

Hope that helps.

Sian x

Lavender hearts said...

is this the copycat?