Thursday, 20 March 2008

space cadet here !!

Yes im back on the strong painkillers
i have hurt my back again ... sneezing this time
please dont ask for anymore details its just toooooo embarrassing ;0)

So im a little bit vaguey- wooo !!

I havent blogged for the past few days because i have been really busy
my flowers yes my original ones !!! have been selling like hot cakes .

(this is a few i managed to cut out last night ... yes Chrissy let me use sharp scissors !!! )
Yes that is another list on the paper , just a little one for Easter weekend
I would show photos but believe me typing is hard enough
anyway just to let you know i havent fallen off the planet
i maybe floatin a few feet above it ;0)
I will post again very soon
well as soon as the pills wear off !!

See ya all soon
Happy Easter to you all !!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Poor you, hope you feel better very soon.
Have a lovely Easter weekend!
love Alison x

mollycupcakes said...

I hope your well again very soon Sara.
Have a happy Easter and eat lots of chocolate.


Catherine x

Blooming Felt said...

Oh poor you ! Eat some chocolate - that'll make you feel better !!
BTW - I've just pm'd you through CF.

Sarah x