Saturday, 22 March 2008

this is what the fuss was over


Lavender hearts said...

Cheeking beggar! I don't think your designs look anything like Cath Kidston which imo is over priced! If you think about it Cath Kidston is just a rehash of 1950s polka dots and florals if we're really getting down to it!

Take no notice of this of this my dear! :-)

Lavender hearts said...

Gosh, I really ought to check my spelling and grammar before I post (that was supposed to say 'cheeky beggar'). I hope you will continue to blog, after all this is your place to share your own thoughts and opinions, whether they are deemed to be right or wrong by others.

Have a nice cup of tea and some chocolate. Happy easter by the way!

saraeden said...

I had a " troll " visit me here on my little blog !!! i have deleted the post and the comment but i have left all the wonderful comments that you left in support !!

Sara x