Monday, 25 February 2008

Plan B

so to keep it simple
if you would like to buy one of my items from my ebay shop
please email me and i will contact you with the new price ...... minus the 10%
This way you get your discount and i dont have to spend all night trying to alter the prices on ebay

There that should be simple !!!!!

So say you wanted to buy
a fabric flower corsage normally 3.25 + p+p
so with a 10% discount it would cost you 2.90 + p+p
There you go .... bargain !!!

1 comment:

mollycupcakes said...

Hows the man flu? why is it always so bad for men when they get a cold lol we carry on they go to pieces hehe!
Right I'm off to have a look at your ebay page.
Flaming Ebay they took 2 of my items off the other day because I had my website link on there argh! apprantly your not aloud to do that but I've had it on there for the year or so lol bunch of wally's hehe!

Hope you get a bit of you time.
Catherine x