Tuesday, 26 February 2008

guess what ??

its windy here !!!
nothing new there i hear you say !!!

Any way today i have had quite a good day i found a cute tin tin badge in the little church shop
as well as some silks which are for school .
I have been a measured up for some curtains and blinds i am making for someone i know
i have also done a fair bit of sewing

There will be photos tomorrow its too late and too dark to take any now !!

I have also been working on another storysack
i love making these .... i am on the storysack/box making team at school

we dont get to meet much at all at the moment as we are all really busy
I am still making up games for an Egyptian storybox for older years to tie in with the national
curriculum !!!

storysacks are great resources for teachers /TA's or anyone to use
with a small group of children

i will finish this post in the morning im tired and off to bed

Sara x

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