Monday, 25 February 2008

Second go at this post

I had to put this post here as i some how managed to delete the post i had originally done
I dont know how it happened maybe it was with all the fuss over other stuff when i deleted some posts .. i think i ticked some boxes too many !!

So i have put this important post here , i hope that people can still find it because it is my chance to say a big bloggy thank you !!
I hope it is as close to what i had said originally !!

Before i start all these beautiful things were so nicely gift wrapped thats before
We ok I ripped open the packages in such a hurry to see the things inside !!
I know im supposed to be an adult but hey !!

look at all these threads

and buttons ..
there were more but Shezzie has snaffled them already
and the chocolate thats been hidden

I love this heart but most of all i love this ....

this needle holder will be great to take on days out and sewing at school

Perfect thank you Stephanie its all just perfect x x x

Sara x

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