Saturday, 12 January 2008

What happened to Friday

Were do the days go !!
I know ive said this before but some days seem to just fly by .

Friday is my swimming day , it was a great afternoon of swimming
a little cold but we had no tears this week .
It is very rewarding to see such small peoples faces when they realise they can swim !!

I spent lots of time yesterday talking to Vanessa
I understand what she means about taking the bull by the horns !!
the pressures of work , kids and job and the need to feel that you are still a person in your own right .
Dont get me wrong my children are my life but im forty this year and it has made me think
what will i have done when i look back when im fifty ??
A healthy balance is sooooo difficult to manage !!
I also need to start taking a weekly wage from my little business (like many of you im sure )
a proper wage not just dribs and drabs but i also still need to make enough to carry on building up the business !!
Im sure there are lots of us out there thinking the same ?

I have to also start training with Shezzie again she isnt happy with her times and has even started to ask who old do you have to be to go to the Olympics !!

i could write loads today but i must get on with my orders and do some more housework !!

Sara x

Shezzie has signed up to 2 Great runs !!


Vanessa said...

You did not leave me a message about how many bags you have completed! 2008 is the year for both our businesses!

saraeden said...

Erm er well i havent actually got much more done bag wise but i have done my housework as i was knee deep in fabric cuttings !!

but ive just pinned and pressed another pile of things oh and put away tons of fabric !!

2008 world domination ;0)

Me x

mollycupcakes said...

I know what you mean getting a good balance, I always feel guilty when I spend to much time on the computer or painting while the girls are up. But I do give myself one day off a week to just do stuff with them. Tuesday is girlie day and we go off to baby bounce in the morning and park or Bluewater afterwards. Just time without my business head on and just being Mummy.
But we are doing it all for our families so we all make it work. And they will be so proud of us all when we take over the world with Buy Handmade. Come on 2008 we're ready for you.
Catherine x