Thursday, 10 January 2008

thanks ...

for the weather wishes ... its finally calmed down a bit
i think there are a lot of people suffering with high winds and rain
they do keep saying we may get a chance of snow
but up to now we have only had a smidge !!

I did have an odd day yesterday thats why i didnt post
my new old sewing machine lovingly named Jonesy died on me !!

well his motor gave out and i just cannot manage without him now ,
so hes hopefully off to get repaired this weekend
oh boy do i miss him ,
my plastic Brother machine is so slow and well plasticky ,
is plasticky a real word ??

Any way i am still working my way through a huge pile of sewing
so back to the plastic machine

Chat soon
Sara x


Claire said...

I hope Jonesy get better soon. I am without my machine at the moment, and it is so hard. I miss Pfaffy, I want her back. But not till maybe tues or wed of next week. Will you have to wait long before he comes back? Good luck!

lupin cottage designs said...

I think plasticky is defiantly a word. Just like purply is a word.

I'm sorry to hear about Jonesy its so upsetting when things you love breakdown.

Thank you for leaving me all the information about craft fairs on my blog it was really nice of you to go out your way for me like that.


mollycupcakes said...

Sorry to hear about Jonesy hope he's up and running very soon.
Glad to hear things have calmed down where you are.
We have had rain all day apart from a very small interlued (don't it's spelt like that)
Have a good weekend and see you on Monday.

Catherine x

Pipany said...

Hi Sara - just read your comment on my blog. My first visit here too but will also be back. Sounds like we lead pretty similar lives - I have five kids and two sep-children (hate that word!) and also have a small business making bags, etc. Will be good to swap stories xx