Sunday, 13 January 2008

just a little sun please

its so flipping dark here im trying to sew but the lack of light is giving me a headache .
I will try to take a photo of some of the bags i have been making ,
im not promising you will be able to see anything in the photos but i will try .

I am also loading new things on to etsy in between everything else .
Yes i know there things you have seen before but i guess it was time to put them up for sale .

I love both the bags i have listed upto now but i cannot keep all of them
after all this is supposed to be a business !!

So there will be loads more up for sale
i got a bit of a whats the point of making things if you only want to go and keep them !
So time to take the bull by the horns or should i say the bags by the handles !!

Thing i may pinch Shezzies camera for a while see if it works any better than mine !!
"Oh Shezzie "................

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Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Sara - I haven't had your questionnaire reply for the valentine swap and I need to draw the names this evening - if you still want to be in could you email me asap? Something funny has been happening to a few of my emails! Lucy x