Tuesday, 8 January 2008

did i say

that in last years storms a big part of our roof blew off !!

Our street was one of the worst affected in the High Peak
and yes you guessed it our house was one of the ones with the most damage !!

It was very scary and i only thank god we were all out at the time
My poor garden also took a hammering lets just say it was like something out of a
Final destination film !!
there were sheets of glass and whole roof tiles and the entire piece of timber with the ridge tiles still attached swinging from my roof
So when its windy i dont sleep to well
and yes we have a high winds tonight
something has gone crashing across the garden already but i aint going out to see what it is !!

on a more cheery note
this came today .... my new mannequin
i have bought this to display the pocket pinnies and kids tops at the fairs this year

im going to have to make a prettier cover for it and Shez has sanded down the wood on it so we can paint it cream !

I think it also makes a great way to display these flower corsages
which i have sat and made at night in between sewing up some lovely cord bags
which are coming along nicely .
Cord can be hard work to sew and as im a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing ...
so i have made good use of my friendly little stitch un-picker

i hope you all keep safe in tonights bad weather

Sara x

P.S. has anyone got any tips on taking better photos with a slightly useless camera
sometimes its fine other times it rubbish !!


Vanessa said...

Yeh the mannaquin does look good!

I have a solution to gales force winds in the High Peak! Move away!

shabby chic said...

hello glad you liked my blog post, I was having a think a lot day !. i love your blog and all your wonderfull creations too they are very creative and quirky. I looked through your blog and I think you are great with five kiddies you can manage to craft too!. I also saw that you had a floristry shop, I am doing floristry at college just had to do a spray corsage , it really made my thumb ache !nice to meet you and will come and visit again x Dominique

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness how frightening that must have been, having your roof blow off?! We too have high winds today and where we live there are lots of trees which I hate driving under when it is windy incase one blows down..but if we all thought that something like that might happen I guess we would never step foot outside of the door!!
Andrea x

mollycupcakes said...

Batten down the hatches honey stay safe and warm indoor.
Flaming weather and flaming weathermen lol I blame them for all of it lol
Love the mannaquin, I've been after one for ages but just can't find one at the right price, I'm a cheap bird lol
Catherine x