Friday, 18 January 2008

freeday !!

Yes im having a day off !!
The kids are all at school ... a minor miracle in itself !!
Im off for a little trip to Buxton this morning and then i may go and visit my friend !

I have planned to sit and work out Valentines things
last night i sat and cut out some felty fabric heart brooches
these sold very well last year !!

so i decided to make some more to sell on etsy and of course to send to St Ives .

i have also dragged out my 70's toy books for some inspiration and got out the curly wool and a box full of fat Quarters .I think its nice to be able to sit surrounded by stuff and just see what happens !!

So its a kind of day off
oh and ive finally found my glasses !!

My other job for the day is to write a list of birthday gifts i need to make for the year
yes im still trying to be organised .... its harder work than i thought !!

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