Saturday, 19 January 2008

151 !!

wow how did that happen ???

This is my 151st post !!!!

I have enjoyed trying to blog everyday this week has been difficult because of the amount of work i had to do !!
The 60 bags i have finished and sent out have been a big learning curve for me
i under estimated the time they would take to do and the fact that my lovely Jonesy
broke on me which has made keeping up with orders as well was really hard work !!

It has made me realise just what i can do business wise and this year i am going to
get a wriggle on with work .
Today its given even more rain here .... North Derbyshire !!

so its time to bite the bullet , grab said bull by its horns and get ones finger out !!!
In other words get of my a#*e and do some bl*#dy work
like many i have a big pile of stock just sat there so todays the day it gets put on ebay and etsy

(photos and details on the other blog !!)

this year is the make or break year for me .... if it doesnt work out its time to go back to work and do my degree !!!


Clang Clang said...

Go mrs! Send some of that motivation my way please. Huge well done on 151, wow! X

Vanessa said...

You go girl! We have all witnessed these famous words!

Vanessa said...

Forgot to say a like the change of photo!

mollycupcakes said...

Good luck sweetie I really hope you stick with it, I love your items and really want you to make a go of it.
Have a lovely weekend.


Catherine x