Thursday, 17 January 2008

60 !!!!

Not the greatest photo but here is one of the sixty yes sixty bags i have made
For a wonderful girls choir !!

They are for the girls to use as music bags
I am really pleased with how they have come out
The design is great and the cord is soooo tactile !!

I have really enjoyed making these bags , it was hard work as i dont normally do such large amounts of bags in one go .
I suppose this is one thing i will have to get used to being in business and all that !!
So next is some valentines things ...
last year i did some little heart badges and cards
this year i want to try and do something a little bit different !!

i think im going to have a bit of a day off tomorrow
i have a date with a notepad and some magazines !!

Sara x


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I am seriously impressed at you being able to make 60 of something! I get bored too quickly I think! The bag looks great - lucky choir girls! Lucy x

Vanessa said...

Yeh I'm so glad there finished, Well Done I know they have been hard work at times.

I'm glad there finished as this means I can now start asking you what have you made today without knowing the answer.

saraeden said...

I bet you cannot guess what im making tonight ??
Have fun at sewing , What are you making tonight ??

lupin cottage designs said...

Gosh I'm so impressed 60 bags you definatly better take that day off!

Clang Clang said...

Blimey - that's some going lady. Bags look fab x

Katy said...

60 - wow!!! I am so impressed with you! I get far too bored after 1!
Well done.

pink-petal-designs said...

well done Sara, you deserve the day off today!
Sarah x

mollycupcakes said...

That bag looks very cool, I bet they will be very pleased.
Look forward to seeing your Valentine things, isn't taking photos at the moment a real pain in the bum lol it's so dull argh!
Have a nice day off.

Catherine x